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Plants get just as thirsty as us in this heat, so here are a few tips on keeping your garden, pots and houseplants well hydrated: 

Outdoor plants 

  • A long, deep watering every two or three days is far more beneficial than a light, daily water. In hot weather be generous.
  • Early morning or late evening is the best time to water, as less will evaporate. Avoid watering when the sun is shining on the garden – droplets on leaves can magnify the sun’s rays and scorch them.
  • Water at the base of the plant to avoid getting leaves wet.
  • Remember that watering washes away naturally-occurring nutrients in the soil, so the more you water, the more you need to fertilise. This is especially true of plants in pots.

Indoor plants


  • Check your houseplants every other day. Stick your finger in the soil and judge the moisture levels a couple of centimetres down.
  • Know your plants’ needs – some need to be kept moist all the time, but others are more forgiving. Give us a shout if you are unsure!
  • Again, a deep watering less regularly is better than a light one everyday.
  • Don’t water in direct sunlight to protect those leaves.
  • Feed weekly during the Spring and Summer months to replace those washed-away nutrients.
For the love of Christmas
Here at N1 Garden Centre, we delight in helping our customers choose the perfect Christmas tree for their home.

Our trees are carefully selected from British growers and are specifically chosen for their full foliage and quality. Non-drop varieties like the Nordman fir are the most popular, but we love to present the rarer, harder-to-find varieties like the Noble, with its naturally frosty hue.

With sizes in stock from 3ft to 11ft and slim-line varieties like the Frasier fir available, our trees can bring Christmas cheer to the smallest of apartments or the largest of rooms. And, as always, our team are on hand to help with advice and care tips.

Hand-made wreaths, foliage and exclusive decorations complete the unique Christmas Emporium at N1 Garden Centre.


For the love of our garden

Whatever outdoor space you call your own,
plants and gardening can be a natural part
of your city life.

Plants come in many different forms. Some plants like a bit of shade,
some enjoy of good dousing of water, and others will only bloom given full sun.
Some have thorns, some climb by tendrils, and others creep or trail along the
ground. You’d be surprised at the selection offered at N1.

Louise Alhadeff, outdoor plant director at N1 and W6 and her team of plant specialists, work in close collaboration with selected nurseries to ensure the quality of all plants. To make sure our customers get the quality they’ve come to expect, every plant delivery is checked upon arrival.


For the love of our house

Whatever space you call your home,
plants can be an essential part of urban life.

Paul Holt, Creative Director of N1 and W6 Garden Centres, has been a passionate advocate for the benefits of indoor plants for many years. Thanks to his expertise, N1 has become a well-known pit stop for anyone looking for high quality, stylish and unique houseplants.

In the indoor sections of N1 Garden Centre you will also find on-trend home accessories, pots and furniture. All items are handpicked by Paul, and selected from across the globe.

A story of passion and expertise
One Saturday afternoon in 1998, standing in a derelict button factory, Beryl Henderson made a decision. This was the place where she would create N1 – a truly life enhancing garden centre in the heart of London.
Beryl, a passionate gardener living in north London, had a vision for a new kind of garden centre. She wanted to create a life enhancing place that would transform the urban gardening experience. An urban garden centre with quality plants, grown by specialist growers, and friendly, knowledgeable staff.
19 years on, N1 continues to strive for excellence, winning several awards for outstanding customer service, and in 2013 and 2014 N1 was awarded best boutique garden centre at the industry’s Garden Retail Awards.
Connecting to the urban gardening movement, N1 continues to attract innovative suppliers within horticulture, design and home accessories, making urban gardening accessible and truly inspirational to both the knowledgeable and the beginner gardener alike.
Staying true to Beryl’s vision, N1 is a place where urban gardening is made possible every day, through passion and expertise.
N1 Garden Centre
25 Englefield Rd
London N1 4EU
Phone: 020 7923 3553
Email: info@n1gc.co.uk
How can we help you?
Do you have a question about a specific plant or which compost to use? Would you like expert help in picking out the right mix of herbs for your window box? Do you need home delivery?
At N1, knowledgeable and passionate staff are a key feature and we are proud to provide outstanding customer service. Whatever the size of your outdoor space, or of your home, we are here to help you find what’s best for you, and to help you make plants and gardening a natural part of your city life.

So come and see us, join us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, or send us an e-mail. You never know what new and exciting discoveries you will make…

See you soon!

9.30am – 6pm everyday
Phone: 020 7923 3553

Email: info@n1gc.co.uk

Beryl Henderson

Beryl Henderson


Beryl is widely recognised as an inspirational force within the garden centre industry. Through N1 and W6, she has been able to bring her two passions, gardening and business, together.
Paul Holt

Paul Holt


Fullfilling his dream to bring exciting plants to urban dwellers, Paul combines his great passion for indoor plants and on-trend home accessories with a degree in horticulture.
Louise Alhadeff

Louise Alhadeff


Although Louise runs W6 Garden Centre, she still works closely with carefully chosen nurseries to ensure the quality of all our outdoor plants.
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N1 Garden Centre
25A Englefield Rd
London N1 4EU
Phone: 020 7923 3553
Email: info@n1gc.co.uk
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