Christmas Trees

Christmas Trees: a buying and care guide



Nothing kicks off the Christmas season quite like choosing the perfect Christmas Tree. We are delighted to present 3 different varieties this year. Here is a quick guide to the British and sustainably grown trees we are stocking:

The most popular tree remains the ‘non-drop’ Nordmann Fir, which has soft, lush, dark green needles. They are mildly scented but not overly fragrant compared to some of the other varieties.

If you are looking for something unusual, Noble Firs are big and bushy, with a distinctive pine aroma and soft, blue-green needles.

Or there are Fraser Firs, which are very popular in the US. They smell lovely and have a classic shape and style but softer needles.

Properly looked after, the needles should stay on your tree well beyond the day you take it down. They should be in a stand that holds water (with the water regularly topped up) and they should be kept away from radiators. Remember these are outdoor plants, grown in a field, that suddenly get cut down and brought into warm rooms for a month. Beware of trees that come in small round wooden holders – they can’t hold water and they will dry out quite quickly.

Our Christmas Trees are now in the Garden Centre!

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