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Corporate Social Responsibility Policy

N1 Garden Centre is a life enhancing garden centre in the heart of London, created out of passion and expertise. Specialising in the urban garden, N1 Garden Centre aims to make plants and gardening an essential part of city life.

Our Customers

N1 Garden Centre has a reputation for excellent customer service. Satisfaction with our service and the quality of our products is essential if we are to maintain this reputation.

We therefore offer:
• Specially recruited and trained staff to assist customers
• A loyalty scheme to reward repeat purchases
• An annual Customer Satisfaction Survey
• A 2 year guarantee on all hardy plants
• Aftersales support and advice
• Consumer education through a monthly blog, social media and in store signposting.

Our Community

We have developed excellent relationships with our community stakeholders and actively look for opportunities to promote our vision and values. In particular, we strive to inspire the next generation of urban gardeners.

We have a large number of community partners including gardening clubs, schools and places of worship. If you would like to discuss becoming one of our partners, please email . We will need some sort of identification to add you to our partnership list, for example, a letter written on headed paper.

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