Houseplant Spring Clean Time

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As we welcome Spring we also approach the ‘growing season’ for plants, and that’s not just for outdoor plants, it’s a key time for your much-loved houseplants too!

Brighter days and warmer temperatures will mean your houseplants will start to grow following Winter. It’s the perfect time to give them some extra TLC with a bit of a Spring clean and new care routine.

To help we’ve shared our essential Spring Houseplant care tips. There are 5 simple steps to follow all from our Creative Director and horticulturist extraordinaire Paul Holt, to help you get your houseplants flourishing!

1. Freshen the leaves, give them a clean

So, it’s time for a good old Spring clean of those plant leaves; freshen them up by wiping them down with a clean damp cloth. Support the leaves in the palm of your hand and wipe off surface dust, which allows light into the leaf. It’s also a good opportunity to give your plants a good once over and general health check; leading us onto our second top tip below…

2. A little spruce and prune

It’s a great time for a little spruce up so cut back or prune away any dying or wilted foliage, helping to eliminate pests and limit the spread of diseases. If foliage looks okay, don’t prune just yet, as your plant could still be absorbing much needed nutrients. Also clean away any dead leaves that have dropped off and are just sitting on top of the soil, which again can also attract those pesky unwanted pests.

3. Your houseplants happy place: Finding the right light

As in Winter, ensuring your houseplants are in the best place for the limited sunlight, moving them to a more suitable spot in Spring also applies as we have longer sunny days. Strong direct sunlight can be too much for some plant varieties which can cause ‘leaf scorch’ and a more in-direct spot away from the sunlit, west-facing windowsill might be best depending on the plant.

A tip would be to think of your plant’s natural habitat, as a good indication of what it may like.

4. Its water and feeding time!

Help a growth spurt! It’s the perfect time to start regularly feeding plants with a fertilizer that will provide them with the extra nutrients they need on top of watering. Feeding once a week from March to September is recommended, but you can dilute your feed for more frequent top up’s.

As with feeding, its also important to increase how often you water your houseplants. They will be working harder to grow from all that extra sunlight and be very thirsty! Early mornings and later in the evening are good times to water. How often you water will depend on the plant’s preference as well as how warm the room is.

A great tip to follow is the finger check test. Simply press the soil with your fingertips to check the level of moisture. If the top of the soil is dry, then add water but be cautious not to over-water; if the top of soil is already moist then it’s probably not time to water. Another great way to water (which we often do at the garden centres) is to sit your plants in a tray of water for a couple of hours. It’s a great thirst quencher for plants as it allows the roots to be thoroughly hydrated.

5. Is it time for some repotting?

Plants benefit from regular repotting and an indication that it might be time to repot is if there are lots of roots breaking through the bottom of the pot. Spring really is the best time of year for repotting when plants have the most strength and the whole growing season ahead to fill their new pot and encourage more growth!

See our step-by-step video guide below on how to repot your plants.

It really is the best time to enjoy caring for your plants, whether indoors or outdoors. We would love to see your magnificent houseplants so why not share & tag us on Instagram or let us know any of your special Spring clean houseplant tips too!


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