Pest control for plants

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The combination of warm and wet weather can bring an influx of plant-munching insects into the garden. Here is our guide to dealing with the most common of these unwelcome visitors!


A good way to control slugs is to use a beer slug trap. Simply plant the trap near the plants you are trying to protect and fill with beer. Attach the lid and your trap is ready! The slugs will be attracted by the beer, come for a drink and fall into the liquid. What a way to go!

Aphids and green/black fly
Aphids, greenfly and blackfly love the tender shoots of your plants and flowers. When it is warm, these little sap-eating bugs multiply very quickly, giving birth to live young. You can easily get rid of them by using a natural insecticide such as Neudorf Pest and Larvae Killer. Organic and made with natural plant ingredients, this will need to be used frequently during the Spring and Summer. Always use insecticides in the early morning or late evening to avoid contact with beneficial insects, like bees.

The Box Caterpillar
The Box Caterpillar is now The Royal Horticultural Society’s most asked-about pest. If you have box (Buxus) plants, the chances are that you may well encounter the box caterpillar. This insect is relatively new to the UK but has quickly established itself as a major pest for these plants in London and the surrounding counties. The caterpillars can destroy whole plants in a matter of days, so it is essential to check for them regularly. If you do spot some, remove the ones you can see by hand and then spray with an insecticide such as Provado Fruit and Veg Bug Killer.

Don’t forget, our knowledgeable staff are on hand to offer advice on controlling pests in your garden, so do get in touch if you need some help!

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