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Alocasia ‘Azlanii’


The ‘Azlanii’ is a very rare houseplant, and a collectors must have!  It is also known as Red Mambo. The spectacular elephant eared shaped leaves have a glossy dark green and have deep purple veins running through them. The leaves have an iridescent sheen depending how the light catches them.

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Plant care

Pot size: 14cm – Height (including pot): 32cm

This plant needs bright and indirect light. Avoid direct sunlight.

Watering should be light but frequent. The soil will need to be well draining but be able to maintain a degree of moisture. A good tip would be to mist frequently and place in a tray with gravel partly filled with water.

The ‘Azlanii’ craves warmth, especially in the summer months. Ideal temperatures are above 21°C. Avoid draughty windowsills.

As this plant is a tropical plant, it thrives in humidity around 65% would be ideal. The kitchen and bathroom are ideal spots in your home to place them.

It is toxic to humans and pets if ingested. Handling plant may cause skin irritation. Feed once a month only in spring and summer. If you underwater the plant, the leaves will droop and turn yellow. If you overwater the plant, the roots may start to rot.

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