Calathea makoyana


Calathea makoyana has beautiful deep green and purple foliage and is also known as the ‘Peacock Plant’.


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Plant care

Available in two pot sizes.

Bright indirect light is essential for Calathea makoyana, direct sun will scorch the foliage and shade will compromise growth.

Keep the soil evenly moist throughout spring and summer. During autumn and winter allow the top layer of compost to dry between watering it.

18°C - 24°C is best and 15.5°C is the minimum Calathea makoyana can tolerate.

This Calathea needs high humidity to thrive so moist the foliage regularly, place on a wet pebble tray or situate in a bathroom. Leaves can turn yellow or brown if the air is overly dry. Keep away from radiators.

Considered non-toxic to cats and dogs. Feed regularly during the growing season (April to October), heavily reduce or stop feeding throughout winter.

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