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Philodendron ‘Pink Princess’


This is a very special Philodendron indeed! Dark green or younger burgundy leaves are brushed with bright pink for a striking addition to your Philodendron family.

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Plant care

Pot size 11cm - Height (including pot) 29cm approx.

To keep the pink variegation on this plant, it requires bright indirect light. Lower light levels means green will take over and you don’t want to lose that valuable pink!

Allow the top inch of soil to dry out before watering and don’t let it sit in water. Allow the water to drain through the bottom of the pot when watering. If the leaves begin to curl, it needs a drink while yellowing leaves suggest too much water. It is essential to observe your plant so that you can monitor its health, giving you the chance to make early adjustments to water or light that ensures it thrives.

This plant is suitable for temperatures in average UK homes (18°C - 24°C) but should be kept away from cold draughts.

This plant enjoys humidity so would benefit from regular misting.

This plant is toxic to pets so best avoided if you have any fury family members.

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