Sarracenia purpurea ‘Dracula’


The Sarracenia purpurea is also commonly known as the Purple Pitcher plant and has become a much-sought ornamental plant. This carnivorous plant is native to wetlands and damp forests across North America and their leaves have reddish coloured veins that are upright similar to a flower or bucket!

The leaves can trap and then digest insects that are unfortunate enough to fall into their liquid-filled interiors, so a great way to get rid of bugs but look cool in the process! A mature Purple Pitcher will generate flowers in summer.

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Plant care

Pot size: 9cm - Height (including pot): 18cm

Full sun, partial sun

Moisture-loving, keep the soil moist but do not let water accumulate. Use rainwater or distilled water.

Cool to average room temperatures 16°C-21°C

The humidity for Sarracenia should be above 50%.

This plant is considered non-toxic to cats and dogs. Feed once a month through growing season.

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