Vanda Hybrid Orchid


This stunning Vanda orchid plant has gorgeous large purple flowers, lush green foliage which is firm with a waxy feel, and fan out from the middle of the stem. Leaves can be slightly marked or scarred but this is quite normal and does not affect the plant’s growth.

Vanda orchids are epiphytes and have aerial roots that can absorb all the necessary moisture and nutrients from the surrounding air and can happily grow without any compost.

It comes in a terracotta pot with holes which allows the oxygen to pass through the roots which will help for optimum orchid root health.  There is also a wire to give you the option to hang this orchid for an eye-catching display.

Plant care

Pot size: 12cm - Height (including pot): 60cm

Bright and indirect sunlight.

Water with tepid water and soak the orchid roots and pot for half an hour and then let the excess water runoff. You will want to water more frequently during the warmer months and less frequently in the cooler months.

Normal UK room temperatures between 12°C - 25°C are fine for this plant.

The humidity level of 50-70% will be enough for normal growth.

Non-toxic to cats and dogs. Feed once a month..

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