Spring Planting Guide

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Give your garden some love this Spring, the perfect time to get it back into shape. As we leave the Winter months behind and welcome longer and brighter days we need little encouragement to get outdoors and start digging! However, the UK weather can never be predictable and with the mix of rain and sun it creates perfect conditions to get your garden growing again!

Read on as we share our handy Spring gardening tips to create a beautiful, bountiful garden. Plus, our topical focus unencouraging pollination in urban environments including some of our favourite Spring and Summer pollinator plant varieties.


Spring Garden Tips

  • Time to tidy up! Prune away dead or diseased stems
  • Remove weeds. Remember to dig out the roots of perennial weeds to prevent them growing back
  • Prune trees and shrubs; do this immediately after flowering to encourage strong growth for the following year. Prune evergreen shrubs too once the risk of frost is over
  • Feed the soil. Turn-over soil (you can also follow the no dig method) and add manure for an injection of moisture and food. A healthy plant starts with good growing condition and soil is vital
  • Fertilize. Feeding plants with fertilizer really helps to provide extra nourishment. Dry feeds can be used early in the year and a good option is Vitax Q4 Fertiliser.  As the season develops liquid feeds provide an instant injection of nutrition to get things kick started. Make sure you follow suggested amounts as over feeding can be harmful too
  • Sowing seeds. Now is the time for sowing summer flowers and vegetables. Beetroots, carrots, cucumbers, leeks, and peas should all be sowed in early Spring for harvesting into Summer and Autumn. Also, planting seeds for summer flowering favourites like: Cosmos, Digitalis (Foxglove), Poppies, Sunflowers, Sweatpeas and Wildflowers
  • Time for some new plants?  Once you’ve finished tidying take a step back and see if there is space or the need for any new plants. Whether its flowers to fill in gaps in flowerbeds, or filling a larger space with a new shrub or tree, it’s a great time to plant many a variety
  • Changing seasons. Think ahead to the changing seasons such as Winter, and planting shrubs or trees suitable for the hardier climate that will keep your garden visually appealing, with little maintenance throughout these months


Container Growing

If you have a small garden, patio, or terrace then container growing could be for you. Plants in containers will need more regular care and attention compared to a garden, especially feeding and watering. When away, just like pets, someone will have to look after them in your absence.

Growing a herb garden is easy there are lots of fabulous choices – mint, parsley, basil, rosemary, thyme plus more! They can be near the kitchen door for easy access or even indoors on a sunny windowsill.

Perennials and even small shrubs and trees can be grown in containers too; just always use a good compost with container gardening and ensure there is good drainage so that soil doesn’t become too waterlogged and cause the roots to rot.


Pollinator Plants

Pollination is an important part of the life cycle of plants. Insects such as butterflies and bees (plus birds), help to transfer pollen between flowering plants which mean plants produce more seeds, to then reproduce even more plants and flowers!

These busy workers need as much support as they can get to help them thrive – and there are easy ways you can make your garden a haven for pollinating insects just by adding specific plants. There are lots of popular pollinator plants that are suitable for each season. We have selected our favourite Spring & Summer bee and insect friendly plants below; perfect for making a beautiful and irresistible garden that will be alive with life all Summer long!

This is not an exclusive list, there are many more varieties available, and you can ask our staff who will be able to help on the best seasonal, pollinator-plants that we have stocked. Also, to find out even more on all thing bee relate, especially London bees and how to help them thrive, visit urbanbees.co.uk to find out even more on these amazing insects.


We stock a wide selection of composts and are happy to have both organic and peat-free options available, which are great natural alternatives due to their environmental benefits!

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