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Brighamia insignis


Commonly known as Hawaiian Palm, Vulcan Palm and Cabbage on a stick are a rare and unusual plant and have all been hand pollinated.  They have a patterned thick stem with a magnificent crown of green leaves at the top.   Sadly, this plant is nearly extinct in the wild and is on the IUCN’s (World Conservation Organisation) Red List.  It is reported that there is only one specimen left on remote areas in Hawaii. The IUCN is trying to restore the natural habitat of the palm so that it will ultimately be able to survive independently. By purchasing one of these plants, you directly support the work of the IUCN.

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Plant care

Pot size: D12cm - Height (including pot): 30cm approx.

Position in bright indirect light.

During October to March let the soil dry out completely and then give it a good watering. During April to September allow half the pot to dry out and then water. Do not overwater as the plant’s roots will rot if it is left to sit in water.

The optimum temperature is between 15 - 25°C throughout the year.

Requires high levels of humidity. Introduce a pebble tray to keep the surrounding moisture high.

Moderately toxic to pets. Feed once a month throughout the year. This plant has a reverse growing season, it grows in the winter and has its rest period in the summer. New leaves develop in the crown, and we recommend snapping the lower leaves off as they turn yellow.

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