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Christmas Trees

Nordman Fir

Our most popular tree remains the non-drop Nordman Fir, with its lush, dark green needles and mild pine scent.


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Noble Fir

If you are looking for something unusual, Noble Firs are big and bushy, with a distinctive pine aroma and soft, blue-green needles.


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Fraser Fir

Fraser Firs are hugely popular in the US. They smell lovely and have a classic shape and style.


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Lights and Accessories

Fairy lights for your tree and home bring sparkle and warmth! We stock Festive LED lights that are energy saving, don’t burn out and feel cool to touch.


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Keep your tree looking fresher for longer with a water-holding stand
Elho Christmas Tree Stand – Green or Grey


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Adorning your home with natural Winter foliage is the perfect way to bring the outdoors in.


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